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Know your planet: Wallis and Futuna

The Wallis and Fulana Island were first discovered by the Dutch in the 17th century. This island was officially declared a French protectorate in the 19th century- specifically in 1842. This status was commute din the year 1942, when the inhabitants of the island voted to be granted the status of a French Oversees colony.  This status was achieved in the year 1961.  This Island nation that is located half way between New Zealand, and Hawaii whilst the official language(s) that are used here are English, and French.

Wallis and Futuna in figures

  • 142: That is the land area of Wallis and Futuna in terms of square kilometres
  • 129: That is the distance of the coastline in terms of kilometres square
  • 15,453: That is the total population of this land as per the official estimates (2011)
  • 50: That is the percentage of the populace that is literate in term of percentage
  • 60: The amount of GDP in terms of Millions of dollars.  Computed against the population, this works out too some $ 3, 800 for every individual in this state. Some interesting gems on this nation state are given below.

Facts 101 on Wallis and Futuna

The main economic mainspring of this nation is Agriculture. In fact over eighty per cent of the country’s earnings come from agricultural earnings.  With a GDP of some $ 60 million, this is definitely a state that ranks low on the totem pole of economic powerhouses consequently a large segment of this nations segment comes from subsidies that is provided by the French state. This is the reality on the ground. Which brings the article to the apogee of its existence – the question to ask is this: What can one possibly do in Wallis and Futuna?

Things to do in Wallis and Futuna

 For one an individual who is business savvy can basically set up a professional services firm in this domicile. This could range from Insurance Advisory Services to even a

car rental

agency. Secondly an individual could elect to have an excursion to this part of the world. The tourism industry here is respectable and one can tour this part of Oceania with all its accompanying delights. To navigate through, you will need the services of a

car hire

firm, and there are a few

car rental

facilities that are to be found on this island. The rates for hiring a car range from premium rates to those that are market friendly that will be typically offered by

cheap car hire

entities out there.

Prior to doing business with a car hire agency, you will need to have an International driving license, to purchase an insurance product, and what is more, have some money for operational expenses. If you can demonstrate a capacity for all the above, then you will be in the good books of these entities and you are in business. Make that trip today; explore the land of Wallis and Futuna.

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